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4 sessions


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£25 per session

8 sessions


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12 sessions


£23 per session 

Featured Classes

1 to 1 Session

In our 1 to 1 sessions, we will delve deep into building towards your goals. The session aims to not only shape you up, but also instruct and inform you in the right methods to do weightlifting and working out.


buddy session

As well as 1 to 1 sessions, I also offer personal training sessions for you and a friend. This is very handy if you need that push to get started. You can also reap all the rewards of having your own personal trainer and share the cost. 


Online training plan

I will be providing in depth and personalised online training plans for individuals to implement themselves. This may be suitable for experienced gym goers or those who wish to train alone.  Contact me by email to discuss your specific goals and requirements.

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