“Caron and I can personally recommend Rhodri’s service. He has helped us and still is helping us get in to shape. He keeps us motivated when sometimes, all we want to do is give up. He is such a nice and approachable guy.  He instantly makes you feel at ease, whatever your ability. Top Trainer :)”

Lisa Bolton Higgon

I have been training for years, I’ve seen good trainers and bad trainers, there’s a few big headed ones who think they are the best but are not but for a Personal Trainer R Llywelyn PT is the best because he’s a nice guy, you can talk to him – he knows his stuff. He’s not big headed in any way and he will go out of his way to help people.

Jonny Singleton

I can second that – top bloke and genuine plus he’s willing to learn himself as he progresses. Top Man.

Keith Evans










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